Tina Williams

Before opening Brave Ceramics, I was a social worker helping foster children and families. The pressure of this work led me back to my ceramic practice from college as a way to recenter. Clay forms demand nurturing and process which I found soothing. Having control over the success of the end product alleviated stresses of the many unknowns in my social work world. This time of self-reflection in the studio requires a willingness to fail while learning which helped me practice bravery in other areas of work and life.

In 2017, I excitedly changed careers to establish myself as a full time ceramic artist. Building a business through community art tours and pop- up markets, I found many people wanted the opportunity to grow, as I did, with an artist practice. I’ve spent the last 7 years teaching beginner and intermediate pottery classes across Central Texas. In 2023, I had the opportunity to work with over 350 students. My goal is for students to leave class encouraged in their artistic expressions and confident in their creative abilities, so they too can take the bravery they build in the studio into other areas of work and life.