Michele White


Ceramics gives me an outlet for all the things that I have found make me happy. I love art, nature and science.
I love connection and have a great affinity for things that are useful and beautiful. I’m inspired by the things I see around me, especially in nature. I’m always trying to find the connection. Clay speaks to me because I’m very tactile. I love symmetry and disorder and the way they make up the world in equal measure, how they work together to create balance. I use clay to express that balance that I see.

Clay is simplicity and complexity in equal measure. The form is so free. It can be anything, and it can be that in 3 dimensions! When my hands are touching clay it is so easy to be fully present in the “doing” or the “making” of an object. I lose myself in the work.

My current work is mostly functional and inspired by my love of food and things that belong in and around the kitchen and the table. My decoration is inspired by the things I see in nature. I strive to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian.