Kandace Pierce

Whenever I travel, I yearn to experience as much of a place as possible. You’ll find me up before the birds, gazing towards the horizon, searching for each day’s unique sunrise, and later hiking beautiful trails chasing sunsets. In my painting practice, I endeavor to capture the essence of the moment, preserving the memories and emotions it evokes. My dream is to share these paintings with others, to reconnect them with places they have been to, or to inspire them to experience somewhere new. I paint to travel, and I travel to paint. I love the sense of excitement from exploring. It helps me learn, grow, and recharge. Each new adventure holds endless possibilities, which drives my creative practice.

Oil painting is my first love, but you’ll find me painting with both acrylic in Plein air or in my watercolor journal for a quick sketch to capture a fleeting moment. My paintings are inspired by this world’s natural beauty that a camera simply can’t capture.