Avery Price

Under the company, “Coloring Austin”, Avery paints Austin places and spaces in watercolor. Each place she paints invites the viewer into the piece by reminding them of their own stories and experiences. Avery’s goal is to lift up the city she loves through the celebration of the establishment and its contribution to the vibrant culture of Austin.

Avery Price is a watercolor artist living in her hometown of Austin, Texas with her two daughters,Tate and Blake, and husband Anthony. She has been painting, drawing, and creating her whole life and continued her studies into college before deciding to branch out on her own! She started experimenting with watercolor and fell in love with it, creating her own style. With a background in a more traditional style of painting, Avery adjusted for the medium of watercolor, creating a unique look that can sometimes be messy, but also detailed. She loves highlighting the local community through her work, hearing the stories both from the business she paints, but also from the viewers!