Autumn Scott
For the past fifteen years I have focused on ceramics and now work out of my studio in Austin. To me, pottery is a blank canvas. I draw, carve, and paint my ideas onto the surface of the clay, giving physical form to images from my imagination. I focus intently on each piece and love getting all the details just right. My background in, and fascination with, printmaking and graphics has greatly influenced my style. I enjoy layering different techniques and styles to create pieces that are completely unique. I often find inspiration in the organic beauty in Texas flora and fauna and the architecture and graffiti in the city around me. The rigidity of graphic imagery combined with an organic hand-built pot is a contrast that I find beautiful and interesting. Clay allows for so much experimentation; whether it is in the form itself, the glazes, the drawing, or carving in between. I am constantly challenged and humbled by this wonderful artform.
Arrow Ceramics ATX