Sonia Dahdah Ksiazek – Ceramics

I create my pieces with a lot of texture and pattern often using found objects to roll or press into the clay. I mostly hand paint with bright colors to create a whimsical quality.

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Lara Popkess – Watercolor and Ink

Nature has a hidden intelligence that I explore through art because I want people to appreciate and respect its existence the way it deserves.

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Madison Popkess – Watercolor and graphite

My watercolor landscapes and drawings are both light-filled and peaceful, meant to elevate and anchor spaces by acting as a reminder of what is true and beautiful.

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Robin Gary – Ceramics
 I investigate humor, shape, line and function in my work creating collectible sculpture and functional ceramics.

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Sandy DePresa

Stained glass – Mixed media

I create stained or fused glass set in metal or wood for home and garden settings.

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Kana Allcock


I create works that are simple, natural and unique. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made by hand building or throwing on the wheel and then altering the shape.

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