Sally Fraser
Mixed Media & Painting

A roadmap of my cumulative art experiences would show the willingness to experiment with different mediums and be open to creative moments. My art is eclectic.


Cynthia Bloom, Jewelry

I focus on creating beautiful high-quality collectible jewelry which captures the historical period from which my materials are sourced. Wire–work weaving with unique gemstones, vintage Swarovski crystals, rare glass buttons and antique hand-blown. hand-cut glass beads.


Julie Williams

The artistic journey, for me, began at Rice University with a course in photography. The magic of black and white film, cameras and darkroom opened a window into the creative process. This fascination continued with art studio courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Once one pauses to observe forms in nature, it is my feeling that it becomes a shared experience with the artist, part of our collective unconscious.

Sharon Truman Kelly
Tree Jewelry

Tree jewelry is jewelry for your trees! My unique variety of yard art is made of glass beads and tin or brass bells. These works are designed to be outdoors allowing the glass to be illuminated by sunlight and the bells to chime in the blowing winds.