Brenda Ladd
Photography & Photo Crafts

RE-Membering  ~  Brenda Ladd offers images, art, and  Love-Lamps  inspired by this introspective year. New discoveries from Archived Treasures celebrating Nature’s beauty & balance.  Let us RE-Member and reconnect via Art that offers hope & peace.
Please. Come.
XOXO Brenda



Ann Alva Wieding

Ann is a photographer that has always been captivated by the natural world and patterns that emanate from it. She strives to capture and display the visual drama that is the interplay between light and color and composition in the still image.


Sandy Ball Muckleroy

I marry minerals, metal and fire to create my work, My love of nature and trees in particular provide an unceasing flow of inspiration. With the pop of my torch, I begin my meditation, not knowing the final destination.




Jacob Colburn

I am a second generation artist that grew up to have a love and fascination for copper. The colors that can be pulled from it are quiet amazing. I am very interested in working math and geometric shapes into my work. With acid, inks and fire I change the chemical makeup of copper to make works of art.