Brenda Ladd
Photography & Photo Crafts

RE-Membering  ~  Brenda Ladd offers images, art, and  Love-Lamps  inspired by this introspective year. New discoveries from Archived Treasures celebrating Nature’s beauty & balance.  Let us RE-Member and reconnect via Art that offers hope & peace.
Please. Come.  XOXO Brenda

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Paula Salinas/Pablo Taboada


Painting was central to the man Pablo was. For decades, he dedicated himself to the craft of painting, spending countless hours sketching the human form. In his words, “Art is communication on an intimate level of who we are; what we are about. It is an exploration of Self and Society, a record of the exploration of the ebb and flow, of the ‘in-here’. with the ‘out-there.'” We present part of his exploration.  See More.


Sandy Muckleroy

Metal Sculpture

I’ve had a life long love affair with trees, their strength, their beauty and deep roots. I feel so at home in the company of trees. I attempt to capture the essence of these magnificent beings in my sculptures.

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