Lisa Orr
My artworks for the table refer to traditional porcelain or restaurant whitewares, but with softer forms inspired by the playful and abundant qualities of Mexican earthenware. I invented my own production process after studying clay mold fragments in antiquated factories and museums. After forming pieces in molds, on the wheel, or both, I finish with gestural animals, stamps, slips, sprigs and multihued glazes.

To some, my jeweltone glaze colors evoke a healthy garden in bloom or an underwater seascape. My colors, textures and strength of my forms set my work apart; my forms are muscular and strong but also fluid. I engage both ends of the spectrum, from the dynamic and substantive to the detailed and dreamy—I celebrate tiny surprises in my work. My colorful, shapely earthenware looks best holding a freshly prepared meal on the table.

medium: ceramics

Julie Williams

The artistic journey, fre me, began at Rice University wit ha course in photography. Th magic of black and white film, cameras and darkroom opend a window into the creative process. This fascination continued with art studio courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Once one pauses to observe forms in nature, it is my feeling that it becomes a shared experience with the artist, part of our collective unconscious.