This is 2019’s list

Celebrate the diversity of Austin’s own authors with readings, discussions and book signings!

Jan Yonkin 11:00 Read – 11:30 Discussion
Samantha Vanderslice 12:00 Read – 12:30 Discussion
Linda Anderson 1:00 Read – 1:30 Discussion
Howie Richey 2:00 Read – 2:30 Discussion
Erin Walter 3:00 Read- 3:30 Discussion
David Todd 11:00 Read – 11:30 Discussion
Jill Griffin 12:00 Read – 12:30 Discussion
Catherine Avril Morris 1:00 Read – 1:30 Discussion
Leah LaChapelle 2:00 Read – 2:30 Discussion
Liana LeFey 3:00 Read – 3:30 Discussion
Barbara Bonneau 3:30 Read – 4:00 Discussion

Austin Author Showcase!  We’ve got Austin authors for every reader!

The Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People is an atlas tracking the environmental history of the state, using 300 maps and 100 photographs to explore trends and conservation efforts in land, water, air, energy, wildlife and the built world.

David Todd is an environmental attorney, rancher, the executive director of the Conservation History Association of Texas, and co-author of the Texas Landscape Project: Nature and People and the Texas Legacy Project: Stories of Courage and Conservation.

Jill Griffin is a NYSE Corporate Board Director, Contributor, Harvard Working Knowledge author of five business books. Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board and Women Make Great Leaders are her most recent releases.

Jill is founder of Jill Griffin Executive Learning whose mission is to help professionals, particularly women, rise to executive leadership and on to corporate boards.

When author and speaker Jill Griffin reached out to her network and asked them to contribute their best advice and counsel here in these pages she had no idea that literally everyone would jump at the opportunity to share what they know with people they don’t know and may never meet in person. The room filled up quickly, and the wisdom flowed freely.

The result? A wise and entertaining handbook with a single goal. Helping you soar.

Samantha Vanderslice has been studying, teaching, and reading Tarot since 1967. She has traveled extensively, sharing her knowledge through classes, workshops, and individual sessions. In 1973 her journey brought her to Austin, Texas, where she is director for the SOL Center of Love and Light.

Life Rewound weaves a mystical story of pain, love, loss, forgiveness, redemption, and Higher Consciousness.

Where is your light in a world of darkness?

After a lifetime of struggle led Amanda to her darkest moment, her Guardian Angel appears and offers Amanda the chance to go back in time, heal her traumatic childhood, and reinvent her life.

Jan YonkinI Know You’re In There 

I write romantic suspense. Who do I write about?  The heroes are all a slightly different part of my personal hero – my husband, a man confident enough to have me writing about him – the good, the bad, the cheesy. 

Out of the blue, my dad would get a wistful look on his face and say something like, “Boy, I bet Montana’s nice,” and everyone knew we were moving to Montana.  It was an incredible childhood. I love family gatherings and I haven’t moved in a long, long time.

Liana LeFey – As a romance author, I delight in crafting incendiary tales that capture the heart and the imagination, taking the reader out of the now and into another world. Regardless of whether you choose to dive into the past, leap into the future, or lose yourself in another realm entirely, between the pages you’ll find deep emotional journeys and passionate romance!

The splendor of the Georgian period (1714-1837) provides a lush, glittering backdrop for my sizzling historical romances. Between the pages of my early Georgian pieces you’ll find sensuous lovers, lavish royal courts, and deadly intrigues. My Regencies look back to an era of refined manners and strict propriety, while revealing the secret, wicked desires of its elegant ladies and courtly gentlemen.

Catherine Avril Morris lives and writes in Austin, where she consumes as many breakfast tacos and double-Americanos as possible. When she isn’t eating, reading a novel, watching terrible TV shows with her husband, or chasing the two- and four-legged beasts—er, that is, children and dogs, who destroy—er, that is, live in her home, she is dreaming up sensual love stories with a pulse of humor and a whole lot of heart. Another fun fact: A long time ago, Catherine had a role in a little film called Dazed and Confused that became a cult classic.

Leah LaChapelle is a New Paradigm messenger. She is a trans-dimensional awakening coach, speaker, the author of the fictional teaching novel Soul Shade and the non-fiction companion guidebook ChAMbers of Consciousness – Assemblage Points for Self-Governed Planetary Community. UNZipping Reality–11 Steps to Create the World We Want is offered as an e-book. Having read Handbook for the New Paradigm in 2003, her interest has consistently been to ground the energies of the next paradigm on Earth by empowering others to form assemblage points for a Self-governed planetary community, that is based on Freedom.

Linda Anderson is a Book Artist and Author. On display will be some of her Fairy Tale and Myth inspired constructions. Linda will be reading from her newly finished book, “Him & Her”, a contemporary short story taken from a Norwegian tale of a foolish husband. She wrote the story, illustrated, printed and hand bound the chap book.
Linda teaches and volunteers at the Austin Book Arts Center,

Barbara Bonneau is an American born psychologist and lacanian psychoanalyst who lived and worked in France for many years. She keeps a bilingual blog named in French “Les Mots dans l’oeil” (Words in the Eye) which is the title of her doctorate thesis in “Fundamental Psychopathology” from the University of Paris VII, Denis Diderot. After meeting with her first hospitalized patient in 1991, she began to write about this man’s dysmorphophobia (called hypochondria by French psycho-analystes and Body Dysmorphic Disorder in the US) and his schizophrenia, comparing his experience to other patient’s encounters with the mirror (such as Freud’s former analysand Serguei Pankejeff or the “Wolfman”) and using the theories of psycho-analysis as elements for her research. Her Master thesis can be found in French libraries since 1992. It is called: “J’ai tué mon père et je suis dans la glace” (I killed my father and I am in the mirror”). This work will soon be translated into English. Touched by the questions of this man, she decided to write about it. His existential questions, and those of former cult members she worked with, lead to writing about life, in general. She returned to writing fiction (something she had left on the wayside for many years). In September 2016, she published her first novel with Amazon, These Beans Have Too Much Salt, and returned to work in Austin, her hometown before moving to France.

Howie Richey is a curious fellow who has long been fascinated by the things people celebrate and how they do so. His formal background in Texas geography and audio production reveals little about this own capacity to jubilate, by either attending the closest party or by throwing one of his own at the Green Man Coffee House. Nor do his 45-plus years as an Austin resident or his too-long career as an editor hint at the kind of company he keeps. A teacher, public speaker, radio personality, cartographer, woodworker, inveterate camper, blogger, and facilitator, Howie doesn’t know everyone in Austin but is working on it.

Rev. Erin J. Walter is a minister, musician, writer, and activist in Austin, Texas. Her work is rooted in the powerful connection between the arts, justice movements, and multicultural community. At the 2019 Author House, Erin will be sharing original poetry, songs, essays, and excerpts from her forthcoming book on unconventional community ministry. Erin serves as the Community Minister for Wildflower Church on East Oltorf in Travis Heights and the Community Engagement Director for the TownLake YMCA downtown. She is the singer/songwriter and bassist for indie rock band Parker Woodland and bassist for rock band Butch County.