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 Charlotte Bell is a photographer that is led into writing through the subject matter of her photographs. She lives in San Miguel de Allende part of the year.
Rich Roots, life in a rural village:

Rich Roots life in rural Mexico

Tears from the Crown of Thorns:

laura  Laura Cottam Sajbel is drawn to the rich and colorful nonfiction narratives of individuals sharing stories we need to know. She believes well-written personal experiences bring to life particular strands of history and offer insight into the human condition as a whole.
Pow Wows and Potlucks: Finding An American Indian Community in Los Angeles (Ethnographics Press, 2015)
Buoyant: How Water and Willpower Helped Wella to Channel Aaron and Hayley Peirsol (Red Wheelbarrow Press, 2013)
Susanm_grendelsusanm_homefront  Susan Morrison writes on topics lurking in the margins, ranging from recently uncovered diaries of a teenaged girl in World War II to medieval women pilgrims, excrement in the Middle Ages, and waste in literature.
Home Front Girl: A Diary of Love, Literature, and Growing Up in Wartime America, the recently uncovered journals of a teenage girl at the time of World War II.
Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife, a feminist revisioning of the epic Old English poem, Beowulf.
kidmenot Aralyn Hughes  My stories are from women who survived the 60s’.  They recount the history of the 60s, their coming of age, which included the choice to be child-free.  They are personal, humorous, and engaging.
KID ME NOT, an anthology edited by Aralyn Hughes.
Foreword written by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love
lindsey Lindsey Lane   Young Adult Author, wrote the picture book and app SNUGGLE MOUNTAIN, several plays, including The Miracle of Washing DIshes, and even more newspaper articles for the Austin Chronicle and AUstin American Statesman. Basically, Lindsey makes sense of the world by writing.
Evidence of Things Not Seen, 2014
smp  Susan Parten, P.E. The responsible management and reuse / recycling of domestic wastewaters is key to water conservation and meeting global demands for water. The book covers sustainability concepts related to domestic decentralized wastewater systems, and detailed guidance on the sound planning and installation of those systems.
Planning and Installing Sustainable Onsite Wastewater Systems
tarot  Samantha Vanderslice  Dr. Samantha Vanderslice has been studying, reading, and teaching Spiritual Tarot internationally since 1967.   In her book, Tarot Yourself Into the New Age, she shares knowledge and insights encoded within this ancient system, and shows how these Universal truths can be applied to our everyday lives for the enrichment of body, mind, and spirit.
Tarot Yourself into the New Age
jesse  Jesse Sublett  Leader of the seminal Austin rock band the Skunks is also known for his crime fiction novels and nonfiction books. His latest true crime book, “1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime that Rocked the Capital,”  chronicles the rise and fall of Timmy Overton Gang and their decade-long career in burglary, gambling, prostitution and bank burglary.
1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime that Rocked the Capital
 yetman  CF Yetmen is the author of The Roses Underneath, a story of restitution and rebirth set in post World War II Germany. It earned the 2015 Independent Publisher Gold Medal for Historical Fiction.
The Roses Underneath
alexa  Alexa Bourne is a teacher by day and a romance writer by nights, weekends, and all school holidays. She writes romantic suspense, suspense with paranormal elements and Scottish contemporary romance and she’s thrilled to have the chance to share her stories with readers everywhere.