507 Lockhart

Sally Fraser


Mystery, curiosity, intrigue and tantalizing  the eye while viewing an abstract is what I hope to accomplish with my latest larger paintings.

medium: oil/acrylic
web: sallyfraserfineart.com

Sharon Truman Kelly

My Tree Jewelry is a unique variety of yard art made of glass beads and tin bells. The works are designed for outdoor settings to allow the glass beads to be illuminated by sunlight and to serve as chimes when blown by the wind.

medium: jewelry

Cynthia Bloom

Cynthia Bloom

My jewelry features antique, vintage & modern treasures that I have been collecting for many years – including bohemian glass beads, iridescent glass buttons, crystals and gemstones. I infuse these dazzling objects d’art into unique creations.

medium: wearable art
web: cynthiabloom.com

Ann Seago

Ann Seago

I approach my paintings with an atmospheric sensitivity combining shape, tone, line and color. The inspiration for my preferred subject matter comes from daily life and how I can use that to evoke emotion, memories and identity.

medium: oil
web: annseago.com